3 Ways To Protect Laminate Floors from Heavy Furniture. (Complete Guides)

Laminate floors are sturdy, durable, and easy to care. It’s a good choice for any room in your home as they are affordable and easy to install. Ideally, laminate flooring is a low-maintenance solution that you can rely on.

While it may be easy to clean, some laminate surfaces can be damaged from heavy furniture placed on top of them.

There’s no need to worry, though; these tips will help protect your laminate floors from damage.

That said, there are some things you should be mindful of when choosing your flooring that will help keep your laminate flooring safe and secure. Here are three ways to protect your laminate floors from heavy furniture.

This Blog helps you to find out how to Protect Laminate Floors from Heavy Furniture.

How to Protect Laminate Floors From Heavy Furniture

Three Types of Furniture on Laminate Floor (Recommendations Pads.)

Laminate floors are incredibly durable, but heavy furniture can still be damaged. If you have laminate flooring throughout your home and a family with lots of kids and pets, protect your floors from damage with these tips. 

The first step in protecting your laminate floor is to find out what type of furniture you’ll be moving on the floor. 

There are three categories: lightweight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight. 

1. Lightweight Furniture:

Lightweight Furniture Includes desks and chairs that weigh up to 30 pounds, tables with a weight limit of 75 pounds, and mirrors with a weight limit of 15 pounds each. 

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2. Medium-weight Furniture:

Medium-weight Furniture has a weight limit between 30 and 75 pounds for tables, desks, or chairs, and mirrors with a weight limit between 16 and 45 pounds each. 

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3. Heavy-Weight Furniture

Heavy-Weight Furniture has a weight limit above 75 pounds for both tables, desks, or chairs as well as mirrors.

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Can you put Furniture back on Laminate Flooring?

Of course, you can always put furniture back on your laminate flooring. 

When deciding whether or not to put furniture back on your laminate floor, consider how heavy the furniture is that you plan to place on it. 

If the furniture is weighty, and you want to be sure that it won’t damage your floor, consider putting a raised platform under the legs of the furniture. It will help keep the weight from sinking in too deep and damaging your flooring.

However, some laminate surfaces can be damaged from heavy furniture placed on them. There’s no need to worry, though; these tips will help protect your laminate flooring from damage.

Here are three ways to protect your laminate flooring from heavy furniture:

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1) Consider placing a protective pad down.

2) Use a heavy-duty Rug with Pads over the floor.

3) Cover the entire floor with rubber backing or a latex-backed rug.

If you’re worried about potential damage from heavy furniture, consider placing a protective pad down first before you place any furniture on top of it. 

It will make it easier to move heavy pieces around and not worry about scratching or damaging your floor.

Does Heavy Furniture Damage Laminate Flooring?

If your laminate flooring is in a difficult-to-reach place and you don’t have time to move it for cleaning, use furniture pads. 

These pads help put an extra cushion of protection under the furniture. They also protect the floor from heavy overuse.

With this quick search, it’s easier than you think to find furniture pads that won’t damage your laminate floors!

An unfortunate side to laminate floors is that they can be damaged by heavy furniture. With that said, it’s essential to keep your flooring safe and secure.

The following tips will help you do just that.

  • Protect Your Laminate Floor with Rug Pads– To protect your laminate floors from damage, use pads or a rug under heavy furniture such as chairs, couches, and tables. Put rug gripper under rug. It will trap any excess dust created by heavy furniture and protect your laminate flooring from damage.
  • To prevent this from occurring, consider using an underlayment for your laminate flooring that will change colors when moisture levels become too high.
How to Protect Laminate Floors From Heavy Furniture

Tips for Protecting Laminate Floors

It is essential because placing these items on top of your laminate floors can cause permanent damage or scratches.

1. Always use the Correct Size Furniture

Heavy furniture can cause damage to the laminate flooring by compressing the surface or pulling out of it. To prevent this, always use the correct size of furniture.

In addition, it would help if you always used smaller pieces of furniture on your laminate floors, such as chairs and tables.

2. Never place heavy items directly on top of Laminate Floors

This is an easy way to protect your flooring from unnecessary wear and tear. Heavy items, like couches and drapes, should be placed on a non-laminate area, like a rug or carpet.

3. Put felt pads under Heavy Furniture

Non-skid pads are often sold in sets that include felt pads for desks and other office equipment, so you’ll have them on hand when you need them most.

Keep several locations around your home for different pieces of furniture so you’ll always be ready when a piece needs new felt pads.

Finally, be aware that some laminate flooring contains a “scratch-resistant” layer that will protect your floors from scratching and gouging. If you’re in the market for a new floor with this feature, it’s worth considering.

Do You Need Furniture Pads for Laminate Flooring?

This is a question that many homeowners often ask themselves. If you’re wondering if furniture pads are necessary for laminate flooring, consider these things:

-If your furniture is more miniature than 48 inches in height, it may not be necessary.

-If your furniture is on the carpet, you’ll want to use a layer of felt or soft padding below it to prevent scratching the laminate surface.

The pad’s size depends on the weight of the item being placed on it. So for heavier items like couches and chairs, you’ll need a more oversized pad than for smaller pieces such as end tables and nightstands.

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If you’re concerned about your laminate floors getting scratched or damaged from furniture, you can use furniture pads

These simple padding pieces protect the surface of your floor from scratches and bumps. They also help cushion furniture so that it doesn’t cause damage to the laminate surfaces.

How to Protect Laminate Floors From Heavy Furniture

Best Furniture Pads for Laminate Floors

Some of the best furniture pads for laminate floors are made up of a rubber material. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at most hardware stores. 

They are also easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about taking much time or effort.

If you’re looking for something with more cushioning, then a thicker pad will be needed to offer enough support for your furniture. 

Some good options for these types of pads include felt and foam rubber. These pads are more expensive than the rubber option but provide better support for heavy pieces of furniture placed on top of them.

What are the Best Rug Pads for Laminate Floors?

You want to ensure your floors are safe and secure, but you don’t want to spend much money or time on maintenance. That’s why it’s essential to invest in quality rug pads for laminate floors.

For appropriate use, you will need a pad made from natural materials. The best rugs for laminate floors are wool-filled, bamboo fiber, or sheepskin.

These types of pads provide excellent shock absorption and cushioning for your laminate flooring.

In addition to being made from natural materials, these pads are also designed with cutouts that allow air circulation and help keep the floor cooler. 

They’ll also help protect your floor against spills by absorbing excess moisture and fluids before they can seep into the surface of your flooring.

Best of all, these pads are affordable and easy to install, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your laminate flooring is protected against heavy furniture.

Tips for selecting Best Rug Pads for Laminate Floors

When choosing a rug pad, it’s essential to find one thin enough to be easily hidden under your furniture. An area rug can provide well decor to your house.

You don’t want something too thick or heavy that it can cause damage to your flooring. 

Here are some excellent options for choosing the best rug pads for laminate floors. 

  • A good option would be these thin rugs with a non-slip backing that provide comfort while sitting or standing on hardwood or laminate floors. This option is also comfortable enough to lay on since it has a soft padding. 
  • Another great option is this thin rug that has a non-slip backing and comes in two colors: green and brown. 
  • Overall, this product has a small footprint, so you’ll have plenty of space around it when setting up in your room.


Many homeowners have laminate floors in their homes and may not know that they are not meant to be used with heavy furniture. Heavy furniture can damage the laminate flooring, and there are a few ways you can protect your floor. One of the best ways is to use furniture pads made specifically for laminate floors. Best furniture pads for laminate floors will help lessen the damage, but it is still possible that certain pieces could scratch up your floor. The best thing to do would be to use furniture pads and keep your furniture light. we hope this post helps you to make clear Ideas about how to Protect Laminate Floors from Heavy Furniture.

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